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When the ion of the molecules forming the biologic tissue are affected by R.F.(Radio Frequency),polarization movement be generated as the positive charges of the ion are being carried up carried up toward the direction of the negative electrode while the negative charges of the ion are being carried toward the positive electrode by the alternaying current.

While the above movement is under process,every time the direction of current changed,bio-heat is radiated due to the revolution actions,twists and crushes of the molecules each other,which form the tissues of the human body.

Not like those of other types of current,this High Frequency does not give an impetus to the sensory or motor nerves,not cause an inconvenience to the human body and nor it affects to flex the muscle,but still the particular area inside the human tissue can be effciently heated.

The High Frequency Energy that has been converted into the biothermal energy increase of the tissue’s temperature and helps expansion of the cells of the tissues,promote activation of the cellulation and improvement effectiveness of Lymph Drainage.Thesekinds of treatments are called as a Thermotherapy.The RF System is the one introduced microscopic method rather than basing on kinds of theories.