Soft 908 LaserLife®

From a general point of view, the Laserlife® method can be classified as an instrument that, thanks to its elastic composition and programming, enables the treatment of many slight blemishes in the aesthetic field. More technically, the Laserlife® method is an instrument that can fully exploit the high quality of the light emitted by a laser source, applying it to many parts of the body via specific points and defined areas.

We can define the Laserlife® method as a procedure providing light energy in such doses and modes to induce stimulation reactions at cell level. The result is represented by the normalization and optimization of the metabolic activities of the same cell that take to the proper operation of the constituted organs.

The following lists reports the main clinical effects produced by the 908-nm laser emission of Laserlife® with the related inductor biological effects

Improvement of the blood circulation. It is due to an increase of the circulation speed in the microcirculation that is associated to a capillary and arterial vasodilatation. Consequently there is an increase of the antiphlogistic, antiedematous, eutrophic and stimulation action of the cell metabolism for an increased use of oxygen by the cell.

Anti-inflammatory effect. It is induced by a stimulation of the phagocytary activity of the leucocytes and macrophages. The inflammatory symptom is strictly connected to the analgesic and edematous phenomena.

Anti-edematous effect. It is obtained by modification of the intracapillary hydrostatic pressure with consequent higher absorption of the exceeding interstitial liquids.

Analgesis effect. The 908-nm laser light of Laserlife induces an increase of the excitation threshold of the algotrope nervous terminations (corresponding to an increase of the perception threshold) taking to the consequent analgesic action.

Acceleration of the tissue regeneration. This effect, called Biostimulation, is due to two separate mechanisms: the first is the stimulation of the fibroblasts; the second is biochemical and takes to the stimulation of the cell metabolism, to the acceleration of the electrolythic protoplasmatic exchange and mitosis.

Cicatrization effect. Connected to the biostimulation, it is due to the reduction of the regeneration time of the damaged lymphatic system.

Antibacterial action. Direct action toward some microorganisms and indirect one consisting in the double function of stimulation of the immune system in general and to the increase of the number of leucocytes and their activity.

In the aesthetic field, these effects turn into evident draining actions on the excess liquids, hardening actions on the superficial and deep tissues, toning up actions on the tissues in general and correction or reconstruction actions of defects such as wrinkles, scars or stretch marks.

However, it is important to remember that the action of the Laserlife laser emission has an exclusively local character: it occurs only on the area object of treatment.