Le Sante Spa is the first spa brings in this unique and FDA approved equipment in Vancouver. This new tool offers a tissue stimulation that even the most experienced professionals could not have imagined! This high-impact, fast-action stimulation makesa true revolution in the industry.

From the cell to the collagen fibre or from the muscular fascia to the skin, the connective tissue is the link that bounds together the puzzle of our body. In the ligaments, to stabilize the articulations, in the dermis to keep the skin firm, in the hypodermis to contour the body, or in the tendons and aponeurosis to solidly attach muscles and differentiate them, the connective is everywhere!

LPG has used it years of experience to progress and develop independent, self-directed rollers, capable of moving separately. Rolling one towards the other (Rolling in) or in opposite directions (Rolling out), or in the same direction (Rolling up), they are capable of lifting, stretching, mobilizing, mechanizing, relaxing, joining or separating, to overcome the many transformations the connective is submitted to.

It’s suitable for all ages and especially effective against the effects of time. The fact is that with time circulatory disorders tend to get worse, cellulite’s “orange peel” appearance takes hold, and the skin becomes less firm. By increasing local microcirculation, the LPG method restores the trophicity of the connective tissue and thus improves skin appearance and tone.


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Loose weight and maintain beauty all at the same time!