Anti-ageing skincare line. For Dry to Normal Skins. With Biotechnical Plant Extract, Collagen & Elastin. Prevents Skin Ageing. Re-Generates and Firms the Skin.


Very soft and silky make-up remover. Lactapur softly cleanses and dissolves make-up and impurities and gives the skin a luminous and clean aspect while preserving its hydrolipidic film. Reference: V200 – 200 ml


Tonic lotion without alcohol with a purifying action that soothens and clarifies the skin. Hydratonic contains emollient and hydrating agents preparing the epidermis for successive daily cares. Reference: V201 – 200 ml

Hydralia Day Cream E.P.C. (V202)

Moisturizing Protective Cream. Hydrating and protective day cream that soothes dry skins and restores the skin´s brightness. The epidermis is better anchored and hydrated, the wrinkles are reduced, the skin is sooth, fresh and bounced, and preserved from premature ageing. UVA / UVB Filters. Reference: V202 – 50 ml

Nutriva I Night Cream (V203)

Regenerating Cream. Nourishing and regenerating night cream that effectively revitalises the skin. It restores the overnight cell renewal cycle altered by stress and reduces premature wrinkles. Reference: V203 – 50 ml

Nutriva II Rich Night Cream (V204)

Regenerating Anti-Wrinkle Cream. Extremely rich and regenerating night cream for an intensive anti-wrinkle treatment. Nutriva II speeds up the cell renewal process and increases the natural moist level of the skin while protecting it against premature skin ageing. Reference: V204 – 50 ml

Eye Contour Cream (V205)

Highly regenerating cream fighting against ageing marks by revitalizing and repairing the fragile epidermis around the eyes. It soothens the eyelids and improves the skin´s elasticity. Wrinkles and dark circles are reduced. Reference: V205 – 30 ml

Eyerem Eye Make-Up Remover (V206)

Eye Make-Up Remover. Very gentle eye make-up remover that perfectly eliminates all traces of usual make-up for eyelids and eyelashes. Reference: V206 – 200 ml

Hydramask (V207)

Regenerating Cream Mask. Highly regenerating and hydrating cream mask with strong efficiency as it restores in a few minutes the hydration level needed by the skin while purifying it. The complexion is fresh and bright. Reference: V207 – 50 ml

Renewing Mask (V208)

Rare Clay Mask. Purifying cream mask with rare clays that efficienty cleanses and refines skin lines while restoring brightness and freshness to the complexion. Reference: V208 – 50 ml

H-Perfect Sun Block SPF25 (S507)

Sun block cream, recommended for all skins, that allows a progressive tanning, while ensuring a full skin protection against UVA/UVB and infra-red rays responsible of sun burns, burning and premature ageing. Spf 25. Reference: S507 – 50 ml

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