EMW RF Management System
EMW RF ‘s Principle

Non-surgery security except wrinkle, after tight skin tender skin dual effect 20 years old, skin’s collagen reduces 1% every year. Along with the age growth, the collagen cell reduction growth bringing about skin is senile, like face deep wrinkle, ocular region wrinkles, face and pate muscle sagging and so on.

EMW RF the electricity Bola skin meter uses the single-pole ultra vigor pulse (Super pulse) the electricity frequency (1.75MHz) provide highly effective radio frequency heat energy (to work as when highly effective heat energy provide to-depth dermis, dermis’s temperature will promote, to affect to the collagen in the hydrone, will cause the double-pole hydrone to have the high speed seismic wave, will achieve for the dermis collagen heating effect. When heats up to the suitable temperature, collagenous fibre contraction, tautness.

Meanwhile takes the cooling measure to the skin surface, the corium layer is heated up, but the epidermis maintains the normal temperature, at this time will have two kind of responses: First, the skin corium layer thickens, wrinkle along with it shoal or vanishing. Second, the hypodermic collagen archery target shape remoulds, produces the new rubber element, the skin after a treatment becomes even more tightly.