A non-invasive and non-ablative method for tightening skin, remodeling the contours of the face and body, and treating cellulite that is not demanding time wise. We apply radio frequency using special electrodes that heat subcutaneous tissue to a high temperature, the heating action of the skin not only immediate tighten the skin tissue and structures, but also stimulate collagen regeneration and contraction。


Eletroporation is a brand-new technology adopting the principle of non-needle penetration, with the stimulation of impulse electronic current, causing physical reaction to skin pore, which can quickly open 800-1000 micro pore within 2 seconds, forming electronic nutrition transportation channel momentarily. Nutrition penetration therapy can be adopted afterwards. it can transport up to 99% product into bottom cells in the safest and speedy situation, better tighten and smoothen the skin, create your perfect and beautiful skin.

Cooling System

The cooling therapy has calming, soothing and cooling benefit which can minimize the pores immediately and enhance the penetration of skin product.